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Old 13-09-2009, 12:36
brebelo7 brebelo7 is offline
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I currently hold a CPL SE ( so the 300NM, 100 p.i.c is alll complete) with no IFR or Multi. I would like to convert to JAA atpl frozen and will be writing with Bristol.
1. Upon completion does anybody know if it would be best for me to complete ME/IR in Canada and then convert to JAA, or just get it done the first time in JAA land? I understand it's a 15 hr conversion from ICAO if already ME/IR rated.

2. Also I am looking into building a career in Portugal and I understand that each country has it's own specifics, anyone know if it is possible to train in the UK without further training in Portugal or is it best I get it done there to begin with.

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