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Old 18-04-2012, 10:41
jansen jansen is offline
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Default stall and surge

What is the difference between a compressor stall and a compressor surge?
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Old 18-04-2012, 16:47
keithjackson keithjackson is offline
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Default Re: stall and surge

in very simple terms, the compressor is made from lots of aerofoil blades, and just like wings, if the angle of attack is incorrect, the aerofoils can stall. This will give disturbed airflow in the compressor and can also slow the airflow down.
If the airflow slows down sufficiently, then the higher pressure air at the rear of the compressor will reverse and flow back towards the inlet. This is a surge.
A surge can also be caused by overfuelling, causing an increase in pressure in the combustion chamber, again giving a reversal of airflow.

Hope this helps
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