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  • Ben is right of cause, but that's only part of the reason.

    The other part is that the value of CLmax reduces with Mach number and at high altitude you stall at a higher Mach number. Even if you had your PFD speed tape programmed to read EAS there would still be an increase in indicated...
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  • Ortac
    replied to New Question
    Given that awful question I think you have picked the best answer.

    I would argue that an ADC (at least a modern digital one) does not calculate TAS from CAS at all.

    An ADC has inputs of Total pressure, Static Pressure and TAT (or close to TAT). For correcting Static Source...
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    Last edited by Ortac; 28-11-2018, 17:53.

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  • Ortac
    replied to TAS with given ALT and CAS
    Unfortunately the previous poster is wrong. It is correct to state:

    TAS = EAS / SqRoot (Rd)

    However the calculation of TAS from CAS is more complex due to compressibility error.

    I have made up a Excel spreadsheet which does all of the air data conversion calculations...
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