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  • mchristlieb
    started a topic N310362 - Landing heavy

    N310362 - Landing heavy


    The question asks about an aircraft forced to return for immediate landing at Dept airfield.

    The airfield is not limited for performance.

    So we're landing heavy - so a higher stall speed than normal. So a higher Vref at the threshold or screen height. So two...
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  • N320278 - TOM and downhill slopes

    The situation - I am taking off from a runway and I am V(BME) limited.

    This must mean that at my TOM V(MBE) intersects the 'too slow to go' line on the V vs Mass graph. I.e. for a safe take off run, my Minimum value of V1 is higher than V(MBE) which is not allowed because I would destroy...
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  • mchristlieb
    started a topic N320606 - Mistake in answer

    N320606 - Mistake in answer


    The QNH is given as 1030 Alt - 3000 ft

    In your worked answer you given the pressure difference as 1030-1013 = 27 hpa. But this is wrong 1030-1013 is 17 haPa. So the PA is in fact 2490.

    The RoC is therefore about 1550 fpm?...
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