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  • AOA2007
    started a topic 221136 Vs 220976

    221136 Vs 220976

    In question 221136 it implies that the co-oridnates can not be entered by the crew in the NAV mode.
    In question 220976 it says that alignment can be carried out in NAV and therefore I would assume that the initial co-ordinates can be entered.
    Could you please clarify incase of new questions/quadrant...
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  • AOA2007
    replied to Question 220354
    Acceleration = M/s^2
    1st integration speed = M/s
    2nd integration distance = M

    One integration from speed to distance, I think that's all they are looking for.
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  • AOA2007
    started a topic 220849


    Number 3,
    I thought that single phase AC generators supplied DC voltage? and so any answer with option 2 in it would be incorrect.
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  • AOA2007
    started a topic 221049


    I am aware that questions like this, if put into a quadrant scenario could become problematic. I would have selected only option 1 if available.
    The reason is that it is not the differential pressure which is transmitted to the cockpit instruments, even on a pressure type alpha sensor,...
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  • AOA2007
    replied to 220297
    Question asks for Rate of Turn not radius
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