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  • JWB
    replied to Question ID: 710022
    Is there any update on this question?

    The ATP digital software, referencing CAT OP MPA 186, states +/- 1 hour, however the question on the bank is referencing 245 as you state above.

    May I ask if the...
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  • JWB
    replied to Q711320
    Just encountered this question...

    I can't see how icing on AoA vanes or pitot/static ports would affect an attitude indication, whether the attitude system is vaccuum powered or derived from an INS/IRS. I can agree that icing on the AoA vane would cause an incorrect AoA indication and thus...
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  • JWB
    replied to Q 710591
    Many thanks for your detailed reply Tom!
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  • JWB
    started a topic Q 710591

    Q 710591

    For a pressurized aircraft, flying at FL240 with 150 passengers on board, the regulatory oxygen requirements are:

    1. Each flight crew member shall be supplied with a quick donning oxygen mask.
    2. The aircraft will be equipped with a warning system indicating that the cabin altitude...
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