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  • Ops - Flight From Cape Town to London.

    On a flight from Cape Town to London, you need to cross the ITZC with CBs reported up to FL450. This may cause: 1. Ice to affect the AOA vanes providing false indications. 2. Ice to affect primary instruments requiring you to use standby instruments. 3. Light turbulence requiring the fasten seat belt...
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  • jmp1304
    started a topic Dangerous Cargo!

    Dangerous Cargo!

    Exam recently. Lots of questions about dangerous cargo procedures. Not many from the bank. They were long and often required multiple selections (1 required select 5 from 7!). Sorry I can't remember the exact questions, but would advise people to study the regulations on DAC. I will for next time!...
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  • Had the question recently. Wording 'You are planning a CATIII App. In the hold both RadAlts fail. Can you conduct that approach?' Options were 1. No, RADALT required for that approach, 2. Yes, using GNSS. 3. Yes, Using GNSS with Alt and temp correction. 4. Yes, assuming both baro altimeters are used...
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  • jmp1304
    started a topic POF - 811391 - AOB Stall at 1.3VS

    POF - 811391 - AOB Stall at 1.3VS

    Exam question asks - 'What is the maximum AOB the aircraft will NOT stall. Exact answer works out to be 53.72. Qn bank rounds up to 54 degrees. However, if being padantic (I was!), the max AOB = 53 degrees as at 54 the aircraft may stall. Haven't had results back so I don't know which way the examiners...
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