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  • Lubesso
    started a topic Selling Jepp manual + CRP-5

    Selling Jepp manual + CRP-5

    Finished my exams a year ago and just found them in a box.
    Manual is 30 pounds in good conditions with pencil marks from exercises from the question bank, was advise by instructor to leave it like that before the exam as they never actually check the manuals during the exam.
    CRP-5 is also...
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  • Lubesso
    replied to CPL/ME/IR Application
    If anyone has a doubt about this,
    Application fees if you send all CPL/ME and IR together will cost you around 350.

    For the CPL skill test
    - Make sure your examiner fills out the correct reports 1 for CPL/ME and another for IR
    - You will have to send an email to the CAA...
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