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  • Mock self generate and retake an exam


    For some sub topics (like Turbine engines for Agk or ATS in Air law etc.) there are a lot of questions.
    In order to improve my knowledge I like to split these topics in littles series of questions (30-40) and proceed it many times.
    Problem is, the first solution that I use is to retake an exam with the days or mark associated to the part I want to, but unfortunately, you only save 10 exams to be retook, after it's lost.
    As I want to review a lot of subjects it doesn't work...
    My second solution was to save the questions numbers and use the Search for question by ID which works well also with a lot of questions (30-40 splits by commas without problem).
    But, when I use this option, the result for each question is directly given when I anwser. It's not so user friendly because as some questions are closed together, if I see the answer for a question where I have some doubts and I cross the same kind of question later, it'll influence my result so the final score and I won't know what would be my real level if it would have been a real exam (ok, the exam covers all the sub topics in the reality, but I focus only on dedicated subjects to master these for now).
    Could you give me a solution to run a set of questions selected by ID and have the results only at the end of the generated exam?

    Thank you.

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    Hi xsaero,

    I'm not aware of a way to select the questions by ID and ALSO choose to see the answers at the end of working through those selected questions.
    Have you tried selecting the exam by 'Topic' and 'sequentially' and then experiment with the 'Flagging' options?

    Other students will have experimented with lots of different ways to use BGS Online and so you should hopefully get some more ideas.
    Best regards,