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  • BGS Online vs ATP questions


    Sorry! This might have already been answered and I haven't found it. How come the bgs online has a smaller question bank than the atp digital app? Which one is the best to use for practice and for having the most up to date questions?


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    Hi Stevie Tee,

    Don't be sorry, it's a very valid question.
    As far as I am aware, the only reason for a different number of questions between the two systems is due to ATPdigital exam content containing lots of extra questions which the instructors have added to test student knowledge.

    These questions begin with 99****

    This set of questions are not part of the BGS Online question bank content.

    Other than that, it's really just a case of using which ever system you prefer for layout and functions.

    Obviously the ATPdigital exam section should be available to you offline, which is handy for some people.

    As long as you update your ATPdigital content regularly (by being connected to the internet) then BGS Online and the ATPdigital exam content should be equally up to date.

    I hope that helps,
    Best regards,


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      Okidoki. Thanks very much for clearing that up for me Deb and getting back to me at this time!



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        No worries


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          Hi! I have a follow up question to the above. Are the ATPdigital app and BGS Online connected in the backend? Meaning, if I work through the questions through one of the interfaces does other one also reflect the progress? As mentioned above, ATPdigital provides the option to work offline, which can be very useful. Then again, I like the reporting and progress visualization options of BGS Online. Would be perfect if those tools could be used in combination.


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            Hi captaintalver,

            Thanks for your question.
            I will double check but, unless the developers have been carrying out secret work behind the scenes, the ATPdigital exam section and BGS Online are not currently connected at the backend for recording work that's been completed. The ATPdigital offline function is really handy!

            I can put your suggestion forward though.
            Many thanks,