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  • ATP app for iPad 2

    All. I started BristolGS with the intention of using the windows PC app however for improved study "on the go" I'm looking to buy an iPad. I've found an iPad 2 second hand but I'm worried I'll be wasting my money. Note I won't be using it for anything else other than BGS.
    How long do you think the ATP Digital app will be compatible with iPad 2 for?

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    I can see the topic is old, however my question refers to this as I well. I'm an android person and already have a decent tablet. Since there's no android app I intend to buy a second hand iPad (Air or Air 2) just for the ATPL app. What I am interested in is the space requirements for an App. By space requirements, I mean total requirement, not just the app itself - 7.2 MB is the answer I was given by the Bristol support team via e-mail which I find very superficial and incomplete.


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      Hi Flion,

      The size of additional data that the app downloads is dependent on the syllabus that you are on, however, we find that the majority of iPad installations takes up around 5gb of free space.
      Before buying a second hand iPad you might find this link helpful:

      Hope that helps.
      Best regards,


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        Thanks for the reply. I bought a 32Gb model and everything works well. Or used to work well - In the app, there was a possibility to review previous test results however I can't find it anymore. Has the app been changed/updated in the last few days and this possibility gone?