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  • ATPDigital for Ipad

    Seems that when I run ATPDigital on my IPAD mini 4, it skips the lesson quiz at the end of each lesson.
    It simply skips right to the lesson overview.

    Does anyone have the same problem and is there a workaround for it?

    I could't find any part of the forum directed at Ipads, so I posted in here (sorry).

    Best Regards

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    Hi Helmuth,

    Sorry you're having trouble!
    It sounds as though your installation is corrupt. Could you please uninstall the ATPdigital app. Close all other apps on your iPad and then reinstall ATPdigital from the App store (making sure that you have a strong wifi connection). When you log into the app, your specific content will sync across which can take some time so please allow the iPad to trundle through without trying to check your emails or use any other apps.

    Hopefully that should get you sorted. If not, please email directly so that we have all of your user details and we will be able to help further.
    All the best,


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      Deb...... You're a Gem!
      I uninstalled and reinstalled atpdigital and it's working like a charm with quizzes and all

      Thanks for your quick response.



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        Great news Helmuth,

        Happy to help! Have a great weekend.

        All the best,


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          Hello. Just one question. If I have to uninstall the app on iPad, shall I simply cancel it or do I need to make it from the app, maybe saving the licence or anything similar? Thanks a lot.


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            Hi Alessandro,

            Thanks for your message.
            If you need to uninstall the app from the iPad, first press 'sync' from within the app (making sure you are connected to the internet), this saves all of your content on our server.
            Next, simply delete the ATPdigital app as you would any other app.
            Then, go to the app store and 'purchase' it again.
            Once installed, just pop your username and password in as requested and the app will sync all of your content from our server to your iPad.

            Please make sure you have a strong WIFI internet connection and plenty of time to spare as the iPad has to sync a great deal of data, both before, and after you've inserted your username and password.
            If you have any problems or need more support please email us directly at and we will be really happy to help.

            All the best,


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              Thanks indeed