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Launch of ATPdigital v6.1

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  • Launch of ATPdigital v6.1

    Hi All,

    We have launched v6.1 of ATPdigital for mac and ATPdigital for PC (this upgrade does not affect ATPdigital for iPad).
    Although this is a major behind the scenes update you will not see much difference. It is, however, an important upgrade which paves the way to some significant improvements which we will release later this year.
    When you next log-on to ATPdigital for mac or PC, you should notice a new control in the bottom left corner of the home page which reads - click here to download ATPdigital 6.1.
    • In order to upgrade, please follow the instructions below:
    • Firstly, ensure you are connected to the internet
    • Please press sync now on your homepage to ensure that your copy and the server copy of your data are both up-to-date
    • Click where it says click here to download ATPdigital 6.1 to access the new version.
    • Once you have downloaded the installer please refer to the following instructions (Skip step 1 & 2):
    ATPdigital for Windows Users:

    ATPdigital for Mac Users:

    Once these steps are complete you will be on v6.1
    If you do have any issues, please email and we will help further.

    All the best,