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Sync between 2 PCs

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  • Sync between 2 PCs


    I am working with 2 main installations one on my Work PC and other at Home PC.

    When I complete a lesson in the Work PC, and click Sync.

    Than I go home open ATPDigital, click Sync, get that sync success (last sync time updated) but I don't see the progress I made in the other PC! Only after few hours.

    Is this normal?



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    Hi Ran
    Just to let you know, for future reference, any support-type questions should be emailed to and they will then receive a ticket number and get our undivided attention

    In answer to your question, yes this is normal. In ATPDigital (as opposed to the iPad App) the updates take place automatically in the background and the time taken for updates depends on how good your internet connection is - the ATPDigital program should ideally be closed, but with your computer connected to a good internet connection, for the updates to come through most efficiently. After any work that you do, whether on iPad or main computer, it is essential to update the application in order for your progress to be registered on the system.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards