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Size conversions error?

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  • Size conversions error?

    Just startad the ATP's a few days age (yay) and came across the size conversions table at the end of the M&P chapter.
    I understand that I must memorize these numbers, but some of them are not accurate.
    Should I memorize the numbers as given (with the mistakes), is this on purpose? Or should I memorize the accurate version?
    (Mistakes are: Nautical mile = 6076 ft, US gallon = 3.875 liters, foot = 30.48 cm)

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    Hi, thanks for your post.

    The good news is that you are not required to memorise these conversion factors. The original author was trying to make life easier by using slightly rounded conversion factors, e.g. the 3000 m height conversion to ft rounds nicely to 9800 ft using the original conversion factor given, but is a slightly more messy but accurate figure using a more precise conversion factor. The point here was to practice the process. However, on reflection we agree with you that approach may introduce an element of confusion, so we have amended this section.

    However, the lesson for you is to use data given in the question. You'll find many EASA questions disappointingly inaccurate or imprecise, particularly if you know the subject in depth, but sometime you just need to go with the flow and answer how the question author intends you to. We give detailed guidance where we have identified these type of errors in questions or their available answers, which adds to the importance of not only learning the subjects well but, when you have, using an up-to-date question bank like BGS Online to learn the 'exam technique'.
    Courseware Design Team