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couple of issues with Math & Physics module

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  • couple of issues with Math & Physics module

    Hi, I just started my distance learning with Bristol GS, so far I'm quite impressed, just wanted to point couple of issues I found whilst going through M&P refresher:

    From maths question N995111 - asks to calculate the value of B -> 5(b+8) = b+6
    the correct answer as per software is supposed to be b = -8, however this is not correct and the correct answer is not given (-8.5). Looking at the explanation, it looks like it assumes that on the right side of equation you have b+8 - that indeed would give the b=-8 as correct answer. I guess the b+6 is a typo then and it should be b+8

    Physics - N995126 - The best position for a convection heater in a room would be:
    correct answer shown as - high on the wall, opposite the window, but it goes completely against the explanation where it actually says that the best spot is low on the wall beneath the window (which makes sense)

    I had the same issue that this guy had -
    except graph never appeared for me. What's even weirder is that good few questions starting from N995130 onward have picture of what looks like an Irish airways chart next to them. Not really an issue, just wondering is that picture missing from other questions - e.g. if the pictures somehow get cross wired

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    Hello Martins

    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. Can I ask you to contact please, as it seems that there is something wrong with your installation which needs technical investigation?

    995111 - the question and answer for this Q number are completely different from what you quote:


    2(b + 3.5) = 13 - 2b. What is the value of b?


    B = 1.5


    Multiply out the brackets to give 2b + 7 = 13 - 2b;

    add 2b to both sides to give 4b + 7 = 13;

    subtract 7 from both sides to give 4b = 6; and

    divide both sides by 4 to give b = 1.5

    I cannot track down a question with the content you have described; can you send a screenshot when you email support please?

    995126 - you are correct, but so is the answer in the system (it is low under the window). Therefore, for some reason it is giving you the wrong correct answer! I've never heard of that happening, so we will need support to look into this problem for you.

    995117 - there should be a graph; if you cannot see it you have a technical problem which support should be able to help you with and needs fixing.
    Courseware Design Team


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      I created a support ticket, but I forgot to attach screen shots. Anyway I asked in my support request to have a look at this thread, so I might as well add these screens here. These are taken just now, system has been restarted since yesterday when I noticed these errors and it's a fresh installation right of the bristol web site so I expect it to be up to date
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        I had exactly the same issue regarding the non-appearing graph and the WRONG answer to the convection question. I had to guess the answer to the graph question and deliberately give the wrong answer to the convection question in order to complete the quiz. Also, the spelling in the Physics questions is terrible!!!


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          Hello Mike

          I'm sorry you are having problems. Have you contacted With regard to the convection question, we have changed the way the correct answer is displayed when you click on 'get further info?'. This is what should be displayed now. If you don't see this, contact for help.

          It would be helpful if you would be specific when you report errors or omissions. If you can give any exaples of spulling mistales in the CBT, please send to the same email address
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            I got the same issues: non appearing graph and wrong answer to the convection question.

            Best regards,
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              Hi Clem, you have a rare and annoying issue with updates. Can you email your problem to, preferably including screenshots and the support team will attempt to get your software working properly.