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  • Performance CPL (H)

    Hi there.
    There doesn't seem to be any questions for this subject on the atpl question bank for CPL(H).
    Is this normal? I am required to do this exam in the new sylabus.
    Kind regards,

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    Re: Performance CPL (H)

    Hi Caroline
    I can't remember the exact requirements for CPL(H) right now but if you revise the questions in ATPL(H) for Performance you will find that this covers all the "known" questions.



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      Re: Performance CPL (H)

      Go to the following link:

      Open the file containing the Learning Objectives for 034 Performance (Helicopters).

      You will see that it shows which LO's are applicable to ATPL(H), ATPL(H)/IR and CPL(H).

      You can then identify those questions within ATPL(H) which would be relevant for the CPL(H) and those which would not apply.

      Note that, at the moment the UK CAA is only providing exams for ATPL(H)/IR and not for the basic ATPL(H), which is a VMC licence only.

      Considering that there is only one extra examination (IFR Communications) for the ATPL(H)/IR over the requirements for CPL(H) you may want to consider the ATPL(H)/IR syllabus and examinations and be covered for the IR(H) as well.

      Hope that helps.

      Best Regards,

      Tony Pike

      Give Sergei back his dignity......Simples!


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        Re: Performance CPL (H)

        Thanks for the information Tony. I will have a look at your link. However it is a pain having to sift through the questions myself. Using up time that I don't have. Hohum.... Thanks also for your suggestion. But that doesn't really go with my plans.


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          Re: Performance CPL (H)

          All sorted on ATPOnline