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What is parasite drag exactly?

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  • What is parasite drag exactly?

    I have just read about parasite drag, where I'm told that parasite drag is caused by non-lifting components (fuselage and tailrotor). Fine!
    I then get a Q (ID N994571) in the POF PT 1 where it says that parasite drag is ALSO created by lifting portions.
    Drag produced by lifting is called induced lift and not parasite drag, Right? Someone explain me this!

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    Re: What is parasite drag exactly?

    Since nobody has replied yet as far as I'm aware anything that it "impacted" by the wind which makes it slow down is parasite drag, dropping flaps down also increases parasite drag because there is more surface area exposed to the flowing wind as oppose to in clean configuration...this is what I understand as parasite drag, if I'm wrong I hope somebody will correct me.



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      Re: What is parasite drag exactly?

      Hi all

      It would seem this Progress test question has had some typo errors? The question should read Profile Drag ! This comes from the rotor blades and is made up of form/pressure drag and skin friction drag. it is independent of lift. Induced drag comes from the production of lift/thrust. Parasite drag is reference the fuselage.


      John H


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        This Question is still showing as incorrect in the progress tests, as of the 09/09/2019, question still refers to Parasite drag and not Profile Drag. Im glad I looked on the forum to check, can we get this corrected in the progress test?


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          Done - thanks Will.