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  • 0 azimuth angle

    Does anyone know what 0 azimuth angle is????
    Is it:
    positive pitch angle
    negative pitch angle

    to me it sounds like neutral pitch angle.

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    To quote the definition in the EASA learning objectives "The azimuthal angle of the blade is the angle in the rotor disc plane between the rear direction of the helicopter velocity and the blade in the rotation sense of the rotor. (advancing blade is at 90 degrees, retreating blade is at 270 degrees)." So that's clear then!

    What they really mean is that all azimuth angles in the plane of rotation need a start point. It is the rear of the disc, depending on the direction of flight. The last bit of the definition, in brackets, explains that clearly enough. The rest of it is tosh (imho)!

    For the avoidance of doubt: when flying forwards, 0 is over the tail boom; rearwards, at the nose; sideways, the other side of the disc from the direction being flown. Hope that helps Guy? Not the first to ask, won't be the last. I do cover it on the brush up course, in glorious Technicolor (alright then, a PowerPoint slide...)