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Q 15104 seat belts while at station

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  • Q 15104 seat belts while at station

    Q15104: In a helicopter, each crew member shall properly be secured by all safety belts and harnesses provided:

    1. during taxying
    2. during take-off
    3. during landing
    4 whenever deemed necessary by the commander
    5. during other phases of the flight while at his station

    The answer should be the combination of 1,2,3,4,5 and not 1,2,3,4 as per the test.

    Another mistake is found in question N971835:

    With a passenger Compartment Seating Capacity of 31-60, the number of hand fire extinguishers required is:

    the answer is 2, the test require us to answer 1 in order to pass it.

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    Re: Q 15104 seat belts while at station

    15104 is actually correct - the wording is 'all safety belts and harnesses provided', whilst at their station - only the 'safety belt' is required.

    N971835 - you are correct - I will get the answer changed.