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    For the MDA\MDH DA\DH

    the book says the cloud ceiling and MDH only needs to be taken into account when considering non precision approaches or circling approaches. is that mean RVR is not important only cloud ceiling is important for the non precision approaches?
    For the alternate requirement for non precision approcahes plannıng minima non precision RVR plus 1000 m MDH plus 200ft?

    can somoene expand this?


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    You must consider RVR for all approaches - precision and non-precision approaches (NPAs). However, cloud ceiling and MDH only need to to be considered for NPAs or circling.

    For alternate airfields, you always add a margin to the approach/weather requirement. You look at what kind of approach is available (and you are qualified to carry out), and then we add a margin.

    CAT II or CAT III approach available - weather must permit a CAT I approach (precision approach, so only RVR has to be considered)

    CAT I approach available - CAT I minima plus 200ft / 400m visibility

    NPA available - NPA RVR/VIS plus 400m, Ceiling shall be at or above MDH plus 200ft

    Note the addition of 400m / 200ft is the helicopter requirement, the 1000m / 200ft are the aeroplane numbers.