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  • JWB
    Is there any update on this question?

    The ATP digital software, referencing CAT OP MPA 186, states +/- 1 hour, however the question on the bank is referencing 245 as you state above.

    May I ask if the

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  • Tom
    Hi there

    This is actually a good question.

    First of all EASA Regulations; the learning objectives for Operational Procedures (helicopters) reference JAR OPS Part 3, but as you are aware, new EASA regulations became mandatory in Oct 2014 (the new regulations are in COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 965/2012 and its supporting documentation)

    However, the Exam system takes some time to catch up, and we are waiting to hear from the CAA when the Exam questions will comply with the new regulations. We are expecting FEB 2016, but we are not sure when, we have asked for confirmation, we are waiting for a reply!

    From feedback on the November Exams nothing had changed. Although this was from Aeroplane Exams, the old regulations (EU OPS Part 1 vs REGULATION (EU) No 965/2012 ) were still being used.

    Your point is worthy of discussion though, you are quite correct in referencing CAT.OP.MPA.245. This tells us:

    CAT.OP.MPA.245 Meteorological conditions all aircraft
    (a) On IFR flights the commander shall only:
    (1) commence take-off; or
    (2) continue beyond the point from which a revised ATS flight plan applies in the event of in-flight replanning,
    when information is available indicating that the expected weather conditions, at the time of arrival, at the destination and/or required alternate aerodrome(s) are at or above the planning minima.

    So, if we reference PLANNING MINIMA CAT.OP.MPA.186

    CAT.OP.MPA.186 Planning minima for IFR flights helicopters
    (a) Planning minima for take-off alternate aerodrome(s

    (b) Planning minima for destination aerodrome and destination alternate aerodrome(s)
    The operator shall only select the destination and/or destination alternate aerodrome(s) when the appropriate weather reports and/or forecasts indicate that, during a period commencing one hour before and ending one hour after the estimated time of arrival at the aerodrome or operating site, the weather conditions will be at or above the applicable planning minima as follows:
    (1) except as provided in CAT.OP.MPA.181(d), planning minima for a destination aerodrome shall be:
    (i) RVR/VIS specified in accordance with CAT.OP.MPA.110; and
    (ii) for NPA operations, the ceiling at or above MDH;

    So we can see the +/- 1 hour is applicable under CAT.OP.MPA.186,

    Hope that helps


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  • Dragol
    started a topic Question ID: 710022

    Question ID: 710022

    Question ID: 710022

    it states that the right answer is 1 hour before to one hour after, but according to CAT.OP.MPA.245 it should the planning minima at the estimated time of arrival