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take 50% headwind into account on graph questions

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  • take 50% headwind into account on graph questions

    Good evening

    I have a question regarding those 50% headwind and 150% tailwind rules.

    Do we need to take this rules into account when we solve graph questions on the cap 758 ?
    The thing is for example Figure 3.44 Page 56 on the cap 758 shows the sample arrow goes direct to 30kts headwind as statet in the given part. All question are so far right if you dont take the 50% headwind rule into account.

    So but now I`ve been told from a student whos studying with Phil Croucher they were teached that the cap 758 is wrong and at the exam we have to take the rule into account. (This apply only for helicopters not for fixed wing)

    Would be great if I get an answer for clarification. Actually I just want to know for what I should go at the exmas, its quite confusing me now.

    Thanks in advance