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JEPP MANUAL - highlighting on charts for UK Exams

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  • JEPP MANUAL - highlighting on charts for UK Exams

    Just to make you aware of a change in policy re 'HIGHLIGHTING' on the JEPP MANUAL charts and plates. (This is applicable to UK Exam venues.)

    Here is the note we received from the CAA ...

    Hi John,

    I know what you mean, I have difficulty remembering what I agreed to yesterday. The decision was highlighting of charts would not be allowed in exams from July 2015, this was to allow the current stream of students who have already marked their charts a chance to take the exam before the introduction of the change to policy.

    Kind regards,

    So, highlighting is OK until JULY, IF you are taking the EXAMS from JULY 2015 onwards, then NO!! As you work through the course lessons and exercises, you must use a pencil, and rub out the markings before the exam!! Evidently rubbed out pencil lines are going to be OK.

    Seems pretty much the same to me - if you mark someting on the chart with a pencil, then rub it out - there will still be a mark!! Not a highlight I know, but once you get used to it ....

    Remember, this is for Exams taken in UK (CAA) venues, other Authorities may differ!!

    Lastly CAPs - these will be PROVIDED for the Flight Planning Exam until the end of JANUARY ... after that, appropriate ANNEXES will be provided in the 'WORKBOOK' they supply for your (individual) exam.

    Any further updates will be posted as we get them!!

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    Re: JEPP MANUAL - highlighting on charts for UK Exams


    One other thing you need to know - with immediate effect, there are to be NO 'tags' marking pages in your JEPP MANUAL - if you have some, take them off!!!