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Feedback Q's - E-Exam - May 22nd

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  • Feedback Q's - E-Exam - May 22nd

    Hi Tom, please see below the first feedback from an Electronic exam. Firstly E-exams are much like the BGS online ones. Tick a box, press next. There is no progress bar and the questions are not number 1-60. They are sectioned A, B, C, D.. and then A1 A2 A3 A4.. So you can be a little unaware of how well or bad you might be doing time wise.

    The exam contained the use of E(LO) 1, E(HI) 1, VFR ED-6. Only SEPH was examined from CAP 758.

    Most questions were standard however some tricks were added to a few where attention to units are crucial. Answers in KM and NM, question might ask for Nautical mile answer however the question is in Statute Miles, and the answers themselves have no units to hint to you. RTFQ is the key and double check what they are asking for.

    Headwinds were used in some questions where before were always negligible.

    Below are a few questions I think I hadn't seen before. Hopefully they make sense and help.


    Q1: Using Spain Barajas SID, 10-3J, what is the procedure when crossing Colmenar Viejo

    Ans1: A ( I went for A.. unsure how long that Max speed applied for)
    A: At or above FL80
    B: At or above FL150 & Max IAS 230kt
    A: At or above FL150
    B: At or above FL80 & Max IAS 230kt


    Q2: Using Spain Barajas SID, 10-2A, With regard to holding at Campo Real, what is minimum altitude?

    Ans2: A
    A: 4000ft with approval of ATC
    B: Fl130 with approval of ATC
    C: 4000ft with prior civil - military coordination
    D: Fl130 with prior civil - military coordination


    Q3: (Pretty confident on detail of Q)
    Aircraft Captain decides to add an extra 5kg of fuel to the aircraft. How long extra can the aircraft fly at 21.2 inHg manifold pressure and at 2000ft. Using Figure 2.20
    Ans3: B
    A: 4
    B: 10

    ( I answered 10mins, I read 65 lb/hr, used whizz wheel to find 29 kg/hr and hence 5kg gives 10mins.)


    Q4: (Pretty confident on detail of Q)
    Given: Alt - 2000ft,
    IAS - 65kt
    Headwind - 10kt
    Gross Mass - 1950 lb
    ISA conditions etc.
    Asked for SM/gal

    Ans4: B
    Interpolating from both graphs using IAS of 65kt, sea level and 4000ft, a specific range of 7.5 + 7.75, 7.6 SM/gal.. Taking the headwind into account I used the following,
    7.6/65 = X/55; solve for x, X= 6.4 SM/gal
    A: 7.6
    B: 6.4


    Q5: (Sure of answers, worked back for detail of question. Sure Figure 2.25 was called on to use)

    Given IAS - 65kt
    IAS can be taken as TAS
    Gross Mass - 1950lb
    Used Figure 2.25
    Asked for range in NAUTICAL Miles?

    Ans5: B
    Graph read 214 SM, used whizz wheel to get 185 NM)
    A: 214
    B: 185