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Instruments exam, 15 Sept 2014

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  • Instruments exam, 15 Sept 2014


    Just one or two notes on my exam yesterday, I hope it will help somebody down the line: I knew my work well, but still one or two questions got me.

    1. PSI=6000. What is the value in Bar? I queried it during the exam, as well as personally with the examiner afterwards, and he indicated that it might be an AGK question. I got it right in the exam anyway.
    2. A laser gyro normally has a faster spin-up time than a normal one. Where will the laser gyro's spin-up time be the quickest? Pole or equator?
    3. Quite a couple of questions on Helicopter Stability(Dynamic/Static)
    4. No questions on TCAS. This is not uncommon to me, haven't seen many of those during my previous attempts either.
    5. Hardly any on EGPWS, maybe 1.
    6. 5 questions on HUMS/iHUMS, although easy.
    7. Quite a couple on SAS/ASE.
    8. Quite a couple on INS(Strapdown and Stable)
    9. Quite a couple on turning and acceleration errors.
    10. A couple of variations on the errors pertaining to IAS/CAS/EAS and TAS, moving from one to the other.

    That's it, hope it helps somebody out there

    Outa here, good luck all.