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N991706 + identifying a CAA question + compressibility calculations

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  • N991706 + identifying a CAA question + compressibility calculations

    1. How do you identify what is a CAA question vs a BGS question?

    2. N991706 asks what a blue line on a ASI indicates.
    Text reads as follows: "A red crosshatched radial line at VNE power off if less than VNE power on"
    First point is the sentence makes no sense.
    Second I have never flown in a heli with a blue line.
    If question refers to autorotational speed on old helicopters why not state that in the text?

    3. Are there likely to be questions on compressibility on a ATPLH paper when we don't fly at those altitudes or speeds?

    As an additional note it would be helpful to be able to copy and paste text so that writing notes like this were not so time consuming. At present you cannot copy text.

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    Here goes:

    1. You cannot tell from using the question bank whether it is EASA/CAA or BGS in origin. However, if the question is created by us in response to student exam feedback, we would normally say so in the explanation, as well as asking for further feedback if that question should appear again. If you want to know about the origin of a specific question, I can easily look at it in the admin view and tell you.

    2. N991706 (not a CAA question, by the way), was a little disjointed in the explanation. I have just re-written it, so hopefully it will be clearer.

    3. Yes, as the effects of compressibility on the blade tips at higher indicated airspeeds is a function of the Mach number. I have just checked our bank of practice exams, and Mach number or compressibility shows up in most of them. However, you should not be asked to perform any calculations on Mach numbers or Local Speed of Sound, as the EASA Learning Objectives 022 02 07 00 are not applicable to helicopters. If you are asked to in an exam, appeal it there and then.

    Your last point is valid, but it is done to prevent our courseware being stolen, plagiarised or corrupted. Hope that helps?