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  • Errors in questions

    (I wasn't sure if this is the right forum to post these but I will post them anyway.)

    This is about POF(H) PT01 (Lessons 1 - 7)


    - The graphic is not showing.

    Following questions have not been in the course yet:

    - ID:N994576
    - ID:N994581
    - ID:N994582
    - ID:N994583
    - ID:N994584
    - ID:N994588
    - ID:N994590
    - ID:N994593
    - ID:N994594

    Any question on coning in the PT (1-7) hasn't been in the theory yet.

    I asume these subjects will be discussed later on in the course but as of yet they are impossible to answer if you haven't seen the theory before.

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    Re: Errors in questions

    Hi Tjalling Slot

    We will look at how these questions got into that progress test.


    John H


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      Re: Errors in questions

      In PoF PT-2 questions 7, 15 and 19 do not show the graphs on Ipad.

      Also, lesson 8 Airconditioning, does not show anything but white pages on Ipad.


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        Re: Errors in questions

        Good afternoon Tjalling Slot

        I hope you are well.

        We have recently released an app update which will have resolved the issue with blank pages in the Met section on the iPad.

        In order for these changes to take effect, please follow the instructions below:

        1. Sync any complete progress
        2. Delete the app (hold down the app and click the X)
        3. Re-install the app from the app store
        4. Download all required updates as advised on the home page.

        If you have any further technical issues, please contact me by emailing me at or by calling on 01173 830320.