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  • Aircraft general knowledge related question


    Regarding piston engines

    α)Why with high oil temperature we have also an "oil pressure drop" ? This is because the viscosity changes or other reason ? The opposite: low oil pressure leads to high oil T happens because the oil does not circulate fast enough-"stagnates"- so it experiences greater T .Is that correct ?

    β)Does the low oil quantity always leads to low oil pressure ?? Also what can be the causes for low oil pressure ?

    γ)Does the oil temperature increase have with the oil pressure decrease a fixed relation regarding which happens ALWAYS first and which happens always second ?

    Please Help.

    Thanks !

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    Ok. Let's start at the beginning. There are two prime factors here:

    1. You are correct to be thinking in terms of hot oil becoming less viscous.
    2. most engine oil systems employ very simple pressure management - it is actually pressure limiting more than regulating. So when the oil is hot it becomes less viscous thereby giving less opposition to flow. If you recognise that the pressure is a measure of opposition to flow then you accept that hot oil will have a lower pressure in a poorly regulated system.

    Does low oil quantity always lead to high temp? In short, no it doesn't; however, one of the duties of oil is to take heat away from the engine so it stands to reason that if there is insufficient oil to do this then the oil will get hot. What constitutes 'insufficient' has many variables mainly power setting and ability to cool the oil.