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    Hi guys did someone had this question sitting IFR exam? What was the correct answer ?
    Thanks in andvance for any reply

    ATC asks you to do a routine report every hour.

    You encounter turbulence, the passengers are strained to their seatbelts.
    You are supposed to do your routine report in an hour.
    Do you:

    - do a special report and don't mention this turbulence in your next routine report
    - wait for the routine report
    - don't mention it in your routine report as it is moderate turbulence

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    i have yet to sit ifr but i believe the correct answer is b,


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      When pax feel restrained by their seatbelts it describes an effect of moderate turbulence. This must be reported as soon as practicable by a special AIREP. See appendix 1 ICAO Doc 4444
      It goes on to say that if the special report occurs at a time when a routine report is required then the special report shall be made instead.
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        Hi Colin,
        I want to thank you very much for the information, today I sat my IFR exam I want to confirm this question in my exam I had it as it was worded and the last option was - Omit the routine report and you make a special report", I also had the question where it was asking for a vulcanin activity far or the track. For the reato of the questions Bristol dababase is so extremely helpful, it is the best database I used so far!!!
        Thank you Guys you are doing a great job!