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  • Airborne Weather Reports

    Hi there, I saw this question posted recently on a bit of feedback...

    Q. Aircraft may be required by ATC to make airborne reports of air temperature, wind and turbulence. Aircraft not equipped with data link equipment are:

    a) Exempt to make regular reports, unless specifically requested by ATC
    b) Required only to report once, immediately after being requested
    c) Are required to make regular reports, irregardless of position.
    d) Are only required to make reports upon passing reporting points, not more than 30 mins every time.

    Now i'm not sure if the examiner is trying to throw in a few red herrings with the inclusion of the data-link and the reporting points, becuase I was always under the impression, you made an airborne weather report either when witnessing a particular weather phenomena, (e.g a dust storm) OR when requested by ATC.

    I did find in the manuals the following:

    "Routine met observations are made at ATS reporting points roughly an hour apart or when requestion"
    (This kind of being similar to D)

    Alas, I would be tempted by A)

    Anyone else have an opinion?

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    ICAO Annex 3 states that aircraft not equipped with air to ground data link are exempt from making routine aircraft observations. Special reports should be made asap.
    ATC can request them, particularly on the organised track system, when they select aircraft operating at specified intervals.
    So only (a) fits the bill.
    The other answers are clearly wrong.