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920152 - "Over and Out"

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  • 920152 - "Over and Out"

    Are we sure about the accuracy of this question and the correctness of the answer?

    The way the question is written, it appears to be asking about the phrase "over and out" taken as a whole, because it puts the whole phrase in quotes.

    As any fule kno, the phrase "over and out" only ever appears in cheesy black-and-white war movies and is never used in radiotelephony. The words "over" and "out" have different and contradictory meanings ("over" meaning "that is the end of my transmission and I am expecting a reply", whereas "out" means "that is the end of my transmission and I do not require a reply"). Therefore, the phrase "over and out" is nonsensical and meaningless.

    Or is this question supposed to be asking when the individual words "over" and "out" are used? If that is the case then I can agree with the given answer that they can be used, but they very rarely are in aviation. I don't think I've ever heard anybody use them.

    But as I say, the question puts the phrase "over and out" into quotes as a whole, so I say the correct answer to this question is "never".

    Do we have confirmation that this answer is the one the CAA has on their database, and therefore it's the answer we must give in the exam (even though it's a load of bo---... er, I mean "rubbish"), or is this merely an answer that somebody has given in feedback? I'm trying to decide whether to ignore this incorrect answer or whether I should simply accept it as the "officially correct" answer.

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    Yes this is correct. See Manual of RTF DOc 9432.
    I've used it on many occasions on HF.


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      But do you not agree that the words "over" and "out" have contradictory meanings?


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        Can you give me a page reference to the use of the phrase "over and out"? I can see on page 2-7 it defines the individual words "over" and "out" pretty much exactly as I have defined them above, but I can't find anything about the phrase "over and out".


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          I can see where your coming from.....yes they are contradictory
          Again this is from feedback and maybe the parenthesis wasn't there as suggested.
          The simple answer is: "Over" is not normally used in VHF comms and "Out" is not normally used in VHF comms.
          I will change the parenthesis.


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            I had a feeling the problem was in the punctuation in the question. Should probably be "When are 'over' and 'out' used in communications" - in which case I agree that they can be used in VHF comms, but personally I've never heard it. Thanks Colin!