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910135 - Flight Information Service

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  • 910135 - Flight Information Service

    Are we really sure that this is the correct answer to this question? In other words, have we verified that this is the answer that the CAA has on their database as being the "correct" answer?

    I can assure you that a "radio" aeronautical station would definitely not be able to provide a Flight Information Service.

    A "radio" station can only provide basic aerodrome parameters such as runway in use, circuit direction, QNH/QFE... and that is essentially it. They cannot give you traffic information or guidance. The person manning the radio may not even be able to see anything outside his office, and he certainly isn't qualified to give a Flight Information Service.

    So the given answer to this question is definitely 100% wrong.

    The question is: Is this answer confirmed as being the one that the CAA thinks is correct; in other words, is this the answer that we must give if this question crops up? Or is this answer merely the answer that somebody gave in feedback, or an answer that somebody else has made up? I'm trying to decide whether to ignore this incorrect answer, or whether I should learn it as the officially "correct" answer for the purposes of the exam.

    I'm not convinced that "Flight Information Centre" or "Flight Centre" exists as a callsign (I've only ever heard of "London Centre" being the callsign of D&D). So I would say that the only truly correct answer to this question is "Control", because a control service most definitely could provide you with a Flight Information Service if you were in the open FIR. Obviously if you were in their control zone/area then they'd have wanted you on a control service, most likely radar control.

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    I agree. I've no idea if the feedback is correct so I've changed the answer to INFORMATION.
    If this is not available as an answer then it must be CONTROL

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