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    Hi Colin!

    Just out the VFR exam... It was okay, I commented on about 4 questions as I thought the answers just weren't precise enough... It was predominantly bank, with maybe 4 questions wording changed and a couple of new ones - When to spell out words (that's the only one I can remember).

    Anyway, the Qu ID above was my last question! As you've said in the bank it's been appealed (funnily enough I had the same in performance on monday, one that's been appealed...!).

    The correct answer in the bank says 120mn at 300ft agl but in the exam it is actually 120nm at 30ft AGL which gives a different answer! All the other answers were as per the question so I don't know if this is a different question than what's in the bank. Hope that helps with feedback!

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    Thanks Hanna.
    Good luck.