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    Originally posted by haroon View Post

    Q.1. With a swept wing aircraft, with an increase in altitude, which of the following statements about lateral stability is correct?

    A) Static lateral stability increases, dynamic lateral stability increases
    B) Static lateral stability remains the same, dynamic lateral stability decreases
    C) Static lateral stability decreases, dynamic lateral stability increases
    D) Static lateral stability increases, dynamic lateral stability decreases

    Option B marked Correct.

    Q.4. With increasing altitude and constant IAS the static lateral stability (1) and the dynamic lateral/directional stability (2) of an aeroplane with swept-back wing will:

    A) (1) increase; (2) increase
    B) (1) increase; (2) decrease
    C) (1) decrease; (2) decrease
    D) (1) decrease; (2) increase

    Option B marked correct

    According to the first 3 questions - Lateral Static Stability remains the Same whereas according to the last Q.4. Lateral Static Stability Increases.

    Whats the catch?

    The only difference I see in the questions is "Constant IAS" mentioned in Q.4. but cant comprehend the logic.

    I update another subject.
    I read also this subject

    Similar questions,different asnwers.Why?
    Could you provide a simple explanation,with the basics an atpl student needs to know in order to answer this question?
    I don't want to emphasize on this subject.
    Why the different answers?
    The fact that IAS is kept constant on the second questions,how affects the answer?
    Thanks for your time in advance!


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      You're picking up on a 6 year old thread. The question bank has changed a lot in the last 6 years.
      If these are current questions showing in BGS online, can you give me their Question Ident numbers please?