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Can someone explain this? 811397

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  • Can someone explain this? 811397

    In the explanation it says that load factor has increased from level flight (which should be 1.0) to 2.2 hence an increase in load factor of 2.2.
    I disagree with this - if in straight and level flight load factor is 1.0, then to increase load factor to 2.2, you need to increase it by 1.2.
    Hence the answer should be 0.504.

    Can you tell me where I'm wrong please?

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    Read the question again.
    Your Maths give us the increase in CL. But this is not what the question is asking for.
    It wants the new value of CL, and tells us that the CL is already 0.42 before the increase.
    So the new value is 0.42 + 0.504 = 0.924.