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Definition of side slip

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  • Definition of side slip

    Good day,

    I do not understand the side slip.
    How is it possible that if the RAF comes from the left, then the left wing will slip down and induce a left roll ?
    part of the right wing would be covered by fuselage, so less lift, so it should be the right wing who goes down...

    thanks for your explanations


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    You're only considering the effect of wing blanking. It's much more complicated than that. Don't forget that the purpose of the fin is to yaw the aircraft back towards the relative airflow if a sideslip develops - and the secondary effect of yaw is roll.

    Those using BGS learning material can read ATPdigital PoF Lesson 17. This covers how the behaviour of an aircraft can be influenced by dihedral (or anhedral), wing position (high or low mounted), wing shape (swept or straight), as well as by the size, shape and position of the fin.

    It also covers how an aircraft's reaction to a sideslip is affected by the position of the centre of gravity, and flight at high altitude.