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Roll damping

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  • Roll damping

    good day everyone,

    i struggle to understand the concept of roll damping.
    I a steady turn, I do not understand how alpha can vary from one wing to another.

    Is there a way to have a drawing illustrating this phenomena ?

    many thanks

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    In a steady turn, we assume that there is no rate of roll, so the relative airflow over each wing will not be changing.
    But we will have to maintain a roll control input to hold the aircraft in a steady turn, otherwise the aircraft's stability will roll the wings level again. (All civil aircraft are required to display natural stability)
    So, on a basic aircraft, in a steady turn, the lower wing will have its aileron deflected up and the higher wing will have the aileron deflected down. So the angle of the chordline to the relative airflow is not the same on both wings.


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      Thank you very much for your answer.
      therefore, we will have more lift on the up going wing.

      So what do we call roll damping precisely ?
      is it the fact that the plane tends to roll back to stable position ?


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