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Considering subsonic incompressible...... too many of them!

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  • Considering subsonic incompressible...... too many of them!

    BGS please remove these questions, there is nearly 40+ in the database all consisting of the same thing!

    Considering subsonic incompressible airflow through a Venturi, which statement is correct?

    I. The static pressure in the undisturbed airflow is lower than in the throat.
    II. The speed in the undisturbed airflow is lower than in the throat.

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    Thank you for your comments, which we will consider.

    But, remember, these questions are not written by us. The aim of our question bank is to replicate as precisely as possible the bank of questions used by the authorities to create the exams. We include every question that we are aware of, including all the minor variations, and even those that we think are very poor.

    The authorities introduced this frustrating type of question due to concerns that a student could pass the exam by simply learning the question bank, without actually understanding the subject. They devised this way of creating multiple, slightly different answers to an individual question, which forces the student to carefully read and absorb the wording of the answers before making a choice. Any carelessness will be punished.

    Simply going through every question in our bank in order can be a frustrating way of using it. Other more selective options are offered.


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      Hello Ben W ,

      I've noticed that many feedback for Principles of Flight have been published on the forum for the past couple of weeks but only very few new questions added into the BGS question bank. You can have a look into the pdf feedback documents:

      Thank you for your help and consideration!

      Best Regards


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        Thank you. We appreciate all feedback that is given.

        But we have learnt that it is dangerous to rush to add a new question to the bank before we absolutely sure that our wording is accurate and we have chosen the correct answer.

        The new questions that are fed back from the exam are often the difficult ones that candidates have had trouble understanding. If we, too, find the wording unclear or strange, we will wait for further reports. Usually, additional feedback will eventually provide us with an extra keyword or two that adds to the initial feedback and clarifies exactly what is being asked.

        The same applies to the feedback of the choice of answers offered in the exam. The difficulty of remembering multiple-choice answers with precision means that it may take several pieces of feedback before we get an accurate picture of the available answers, and only then can we decide which one should be chosen.

        The following may make our caution more understandable. Sometimes we think that a new question being reported is flawed ( e.g. two answers are correct), and, if we have high confidence in the feedback given, we will complain to the CAA. Sadly, despite our efforts, on about 75% of these occasions we get the response that "the question has not been remembered correctly."

        But please keeps the feedback coming - however incomplete it is. Every piece helps.


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          Ben W Thanks a lot for the explanation!