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    Should the answer for the question below not be "2,3,4" this is not an option but none of the others fit. "2,3" alone cannot be correct because fist aid oxygen is required for 2% of passengers, which in this case is 3 as stated in the 4th statement.

    What am I missing here?
    Appreciate any help.

    For a pressurized aircraft, flying at FL240 with 150 passengers on board, the regulatory oxygen requirements are:

    1. Each flight crew member shall be supplied with a quick donning oxygen mask.
    2. The aircraft will be equipped with a warning system indicating that the cabin altitude is higher than 3 000m.
    3. The quantity of oxygen on board shall be sufficient for the supply of 100% of the occupants during the whole flight time at cabin pressure altitude above 15 000 ft (not less than 10 minutes).
    4. The first aid quantity of oxygen shall be sufficient for the supply of three passengers during the whole flight time when the cabin altitude is greater than 8 000 feet.

    The combination regrouping all the correct statements is:


    1, 2, 3, 4

    2, 3 (shows as correct answer)

    3, 4

    My thoughts also seem to be confirmed correct by the explanation given below the question:
    "...when the cabin altitude exceeds 8 000 ft but does not exceed 15 000 ft, for at least 2 % of the passengers carried, but in no case for less than one person Pressurised aeroplane..."

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    Re: 710591

    Hi Myles
    Item 4 refers to first aid oxygen and this is only required above FL250 whereas the question has you at FL240!
    OPS 1.760 states:
    First-Aid Oxygen
    (a) An operator shall not operate a pressurised aeroplane at altitudes above
    25000 ft, when a cabin crew member is required to be carried, unless it is equipped with a supply of undiluted oxygen for passengers who, for physiological reasons, might require oxygen following a cabin depressurisation.



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      Might be worth tweaking the layout of the explanation. I also was confused about the first-aid oxy bit.