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    According to Regulations, on an IFR flight a commander shall not commence take-off unless the expected weather conditions at the destination and/or required alternate aerodrome(s) are at or above:

    Answer is Planning Minima, at time of arrival.

    This contrasts with the requirement that the operator 'not select' the aerodrome unless the weather meets the planinng minima +/- 1 hour. So my two questions are:

    (1) Is it indeed the case that the operator adheres to a +/- 1hour rule for planning minima at destination and alternate, whereas the PIC adheres to an 'at the time of arrival' rule when making the decision to take off?

    (2) What is actually meant by 'selecting' the aerodrome in regards to the operator? Does it mean, for lack of a better phrase, that the crew should not even be sent to the aircraft?


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    Think of it this way ....

    Selecting an aerodrome (destination, alternates etc) happens in dispatch. The weather needs to be at or above planning minima +/- 1 hour. Planning minima are:

    for your destination:
    (i) RVR/visibility (VIS) specified in accordance with CAT.OP.MPA.110; and
    (ii) for an NPA or a circling operation, the ceiling at or above MDH;

    Note: CAT.OP.MPA.110 gives the Aerodrome operating minima

    for your destination alternate - you add a margin - so if there is a CAT II approach available, the weather has to be fit for a CAT I (this will be RVR)

    Once you leave dispatch, to commence take-off, the weather needs to be at or above planning minima at ETA:

    CAT.OP.MPA.245 Meteorological conditions - all aircraft
    (a) On IFR flights the commander shall only:
    (1) commence take-off;
    (2) continue beyond the point from which a revised ATS flight plan applies in the event of inflight
    when information is available indicating that the expected weather conditions, at the time of
    at the destination and/or required alternate aerodrome(s) are at or above the planning

    (b) On IFR flights, the commander shall only continue towards the planned destination aerodrome
    when the latest information available indicates that, at the expected time of arrival, the weather
    conditions at the destination, or at least one destination alternate aerodrome, are at or above the
    applicable aerodrome operating minima.

    (c) On VFR flights, the commander shall only commence take-off when the appropriate weather
    reports and/or forecasts indicate that the meteorological conditions along the part of the route to
    be flown under VFR will, at the appropriate time, be at or above the VFR limits.

    Lastly, when we are selecting aerodromes, the rules are written The operator shall only select the destination aerodrome when .... In other words, the operator is writing the rules you operate to (in the Operations Manual) - these have been approved by the authority, and you use these rules, minima etc etc.

    Hope that makes sense - get back to me if you need more discussion.