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LVP / LVO training requirements. 2 Sim or actual flights

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  • LVP / LVO training requirements. 2 Sim or actual flights

    Hi Tom & team,
    There's a question doing the rounds which is causing contention. It's something along the lines of: 'You are completing training for LVP, you must?'
    The expected answer, and the one which is given in the BGS (and Padpilot I believe) LVO Ops ATPDigital6 lesson, is 'complete simulator sessions'. However, feedback is suggesting that the answer may be along the lines of 'complete a number of flights in LVO conditions.'
    For those with access to ATPLGS, the question ref is 622162, and the comments regarding the question make sense.
    EASA guidance isn't the easiest to interpret in this case - do you know whether the EASA exam squad are looking for 'Sims' or 'Real Flights'.
    Any help much appreciated.

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    We don t know what the examiners are after - sometimes it rather baffling ... best we leave it there.

    On this one, LVO training must be .... FSTD and/or flight training. Normally all your training will be in an appropriate FSTD, and many of the training requirements can really only be achieved in sim. EASA ops gives guidance if your aircraft has no FSTD (see (5) below).

    For your question number 622162 - I can't find it!

    Hope that kind-of helps


    AMC1 SPA.LVO.120 Flight crew training and qualifications​​​​​​​
    (c) FSTD training and/or flight training
    (1) FSTD and/or flight training for LVO should include at least:

    (5) For aircraft with no FSTD available to represent that specific aircraft, operators should
    ensure that the flight training phase specific to the visual scenarios of CAT II operations is
    conducted in a specifically approved FSTD. Such training should include a minimum of four
    approaches. Thereafter, the training and procedures that are type specific should be
    practised in the aircraft.