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    One more question, please. I remember a question on Spruce Routes T9 T13 where two of the options sounded fairly sensible to me:
    -They are fixed in space and they go both ways
    -They go N to S

    Have you had any feedback on this? What would be your preference? I think I picked 'Fixed in space and going both ways'.

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    BLUE SPRUCE routes are different to the T9, T13, T16 routes

    BLUE SPRUCE ROUTES (which allow aircraft with limited NAV equipment to cross the Atlantic)
    NAT Doc 007
    12.2.1 Some aircraft carry triplex equipment (3 LRNSs) and hence if one system fails, even before
    take-off, the two basic requirements for NAT HLA operations may still be met and the flight can proceed normally. The following guidance is offered for aircraft having state approval for unrestricted operations in the NAT HLA and which are equipped with only two operational LRNSs:

    One System Fails Before Take-Off
    12.2.2 The pilot must consider:
    a) delaying departure until repair is possible;
    b) obtaining a clearance above or below the NAT HLA;
    c) planning on the special routes known as the Blue Spruce Routes, which have been established for use by aircraft suffering partial loss of navigation capability (these routes may also be flown by aircraft approved for NAT HLA operations but equipped with only a single LRNS). These Blue Spruce Routes are as follows:

    There follows a list of routes - between the SCOTTISH FIR, over ICELAND, GREENLAND to MONTREAL/GANDER FIRs

    T9, T13, T16
    routes between Northern Europe and Spain/Canaries/Lisbon FIR. (T9, T13 and T16);

    These run NORTH-SOUTH, and connect SHANNON FIR (via SOTA) to Northern Spain, Portugal and the Canaries

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      My bad, I had it a bit muddled up in my head. Can it be said of any of these that they are 'fixed in space and they can be used both ways'?


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        Yes, these are fixed routes which are used both ways



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          Ok, thanks!