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Question ID: 710605 Continuation of approach

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  • Question ID: 710605 Continuation of approach

    According to CAT.OP.MPA.305 the approach can not continue below 1000 ft AAL or into the final approach if DA/H is more than 1000 ft AAL. That question says you can't continue past the OM and is based on EC 859/2008. Don't these answers conflict? I've seen other questions where the answer is based on CAT.OP.MPA.
    Also am I correct that EU 965/2012 supersedes EC 859/2008.

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    Yes, sorry about this, not sure how I missed this one! I will change the answers and explanation to reflect EASA OPS .... the OM reference has gone!


    CAT.OP.MPA.305 Commencement and continuation of approach

    (a) The commander or the pilot to whom conduct of the flight has been delegated may commence an
    instrument approach regardless of the reported RVR/VIS.

    (b) If the reported RVR/VIS is less than the applicable minimum the approach shall not be continued:
    (1) below 1 000 ft above the aerodrome; or
    (2) into the final approach segment in the case where the DA/H or MDA/H is more than 1 000 ft
    above the aerodrome.

    (c) Where the RVR is not available, RVR values may be derived by converting the reported visibility.

    (d) If, after passing 1 000 ft above the aerodrome, the reported RVR/VIS falls below the applicable
    minimum, the approach may be continued to DA/H or MDA/H.

    (e) The approach may be continued below DA/H or MDA/H and the landing may be completed
    provided that the visual reference adequate for the type of approach operation and for the
    intended runway is established at the DA/H or MDA/H and is maintained.

    (f) The touchdown zone RVR shall always be controlling. If reported and relevant, the midpoint and
    stopend RVR shall also be controlling. The minimum RVR value for the midpoint shall be 125 m or
    the RVR required for the touchdown zone if less, and 75 m for the stopend. For aircraft equipped
    with a rollout guidance or control system, the minimum RVR value for the midpoint shall be 75 m.