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Carburetor fire AFTER engine starts?

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  • Carburetor fire AFTER engine starts?

    Hello Tom , is it possible to get some help on this new question please?

    What to do in case of carburetor fire, piston aircraft AFTER engine starts?

    A) Mixture cut off and leave the aircraft immediately (sure word by word)
    B) Let the engine run and if fire continues start the ground fire extinguishing (or something like that, meaning fight the fire)
    C) Mixture cut off, throttle fully open and apply the fire extinguisher (sure word by word)
    D) I can't remember but it was nonsense.

    Similar to question ID 711498 but difference is AFTER engine starts.

    Thank you very much

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    Yep, the question needs a little fine tuning, all of these have been written from feedback, so the precise wording is uncertain. We have one question on carburettor fire during start. For both of these, I don t think we have the wording correct. I m happy with the idea of carburettor fire during start .... keep cranking the engine, mixture idle cut off, throttle fully open, fuel master off. But, carburettor fire after start I am not happy with, this seems to me just to require the engine fire check list.

    whichever version we look at, I am not happy with the feedback answer options. We will try and clarify these 2 with the CAA exam people.

    Standby for an update on these in due course!

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      Tom Thank you for your time!


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        I came across this question sitting the OPS exam and in my mind it should be appealed:
        Two of the options were:
        -leave engine running and carry out fire on the ground checklist
        - immediately carry out fire on the ground checklist

        To me, these two are too similar to choose a correct one.
        Another option was
        - Mix ICO, discharge engine fire extinguisher.
        This is a very type specific wording. I am sure that IF your aircraft, whatever it may be, has an engine fire extinguisher bottle, it would be wise to use it,
        esspecially that it can be hard to determine on the spot wheather it is an engine fire or a carb fire.
        The fourth was:
        - Mix ICO, leave a/c immediately.
        Well, that might also be a good idea.

        Tom, Can BGS appeal this question?


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          Thanks for this, do you remember if the question asked for ....

          What to do in case of carburettor fire, piston aircraft, AFTER engine starts ........OR

          What to do in case of carburettor fire, piston aircraft DURING engine start

          Did they really use the abbreviation ICO?? And yes, we are going to appeal this!



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            Sorry, cant remember whether it said during or after.
            It did NOT say ICO, but "Idle cut off"


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              Tom Just came out the Ops exam today, Had the same question and just couldn't get my head round it.

              I can confirm the question states "
              in case of carburettor fire, piston aircraft,
              engine starts