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Q711471 vs q711296

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  • Q711471 vs q711296

    The right answer to 711471 is one of the wrong ones to 711296.
    Is this a mistake?

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    Not really a mistake - these are the type of questions that appear in exams and most experienced pilots would answer " it depends!!".

    In question 711471 the question asks "What combination of factors CAN attract birds?".

    In the explanation we state that the exact wording of the question is not known (as we rely on feedback from students and in this case it was a little vague on the precise wording).

    Whilst trees and shrubs can attract birds the explanation states that trees and shrubs can be attractive as trees provide food, protection and look out perches for predatory birds and trees should be cut back 150m from taxiway/runway. However, depending on types of birds and other vegetation, trees and shrubs might actually discourage bird activity.

    So they can attract birds but not always.

    In question 711296 the trees and shrubs have been left out as the wording of the question uses the word LIKELY.

    In my view the answer to 711296 should include the trees and shrubs but feedback suggests that this was not the case in this particular wording.

    ​​​​​​​Hope this helps


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      Thanks as always JJ. Though I'm not sure if I'm a better pilot after this one.