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  • Qid 711477

    Hi, can I get a second opinion on this?

    Select in which condition you are not required follow noise abatement departure procedures:

    Cloud Ceiling below 500 ft <-----
    Also correct?
    10 kt crosswind
    2500m visibility
    Contaminated runway <-----
    marked correct

    ICAO Doc 8168:

    ​​​​​​2.1.3 Noise abatement should not be the determining factor in runway nomination under the following circumstances:
    a) if the runway surface conditions are adversely affected (e.g. by snow, slush, ice or water, mud, rubber, oil or other substances);
    b) for landing in conditions when the ceiling is lower than 150 m (500 ft) above aerodrome elevation, or for takeoff and landing when the horizontal visibility is less than 1.9 km (1 NM);
    c) when the crosswind component, including gusts, exceeds 28 kmh (15 kt);
    d) when the tailwind component, including gusts, exceeds 9 kmih (5 kt); and
    e) when wind shear has been reported or forecast or when adverse weather conditions, e.g. thunderstorms, are expected to affect the approach or departure.

    It looks to me like ceiling below 500ft and contaminated runway answers are equally correct, is there something I'm missing?

    Also QID 711478:

    A combination of which conditions means that a noise abatement departure procedures must be followed? (multi choice)

    i. Reported Ceiling less than 500ft <------marked correct
    ii. Icy or contaminated runway
    iii. Visibility 2500m <-----marked correct
    iv. Crosswind of 10kts including gusts <------ marked correct
    v. Recent rain with the runway being reported as clear and dry <------- marked correct

    So this is saying a combination on ceiling <500ft, viz 2500m, 10kt CW, clear and dry runway means you must do NADP. I really don't think that this makes any sense at all.

    Thanks a lot
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    The 500 ft ceiling consideration only applies when landing. The question refers to departure .
    hope this helps.

    All the best