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  • Security checklist and training programme

    Tom Hi Tom,

    I am revising for my up coming ops exam and came across the following rules for security checklists and procedures

    "An operator shall establish, maintain and implement a security training programme which: ensures that crew members act in the most appropriate manner to prevent acts of unlawful interference, and to minimise the consequences of such events should they occur; include security training programmes regarding disruptive passengers and acts of unlawful interference".

    This agrees with the answer given in the QBank 711363

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    For some reason it is not letting me include all of the message. This PDF has info on security checklists. It included sabotage but q711333 doesnt list it as a correct answer?

    could you clear this one up?




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      Thanks Liam, that's really useful.

      When are you going to sit the exam??



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        Hi Tom,

        I am sitting the exam on Wednesday next week at Bristol.

        What would you suggest with the answer to q711333

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          Here is an extract from OPS which is referred to in the LO's "State OPS requirement regarding aircraft search procedures ( OPS 1.1250 / 3.1250)"

          OPS 1.1250 Aeroplane search procedure checklist. An operator shall ensure that there is on board a checklist of the procedures to be followed in search of a bomb or improvised explosive device (IED) in case of suspected sabotage and for inspecting aeroplanes for concealed weapons, explosives or other dangerous devices where a well founded suspicion exists that the aeroplane may be the object of an act of unlawful interference. The checklist shall be supported by guidance on the appropriate course of action to be taken should a bomb or suspicious object be found and information on the least-risk bomb location specific to the aeroplane where provided by the Type Certificate holder.

          Should Q711333 include the answer Sabotage based on the above?


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            Liam, I've been searching for the applicable reference here. One of the problems we have is that all these 'new' questions are built from feedback, so the wording will not be precise.

            The LO you have offered "State OPS requirement regarding aircraft search procedures ( OPS 1.1250 / 3.1250)" is correct except that the reference OPS 1.1250 is an EU OPS reference, which has not been transposed to EASA regulations. The cross reference document looking at EU OPS/EASA EGULATIONS simply says that 'This paragraph is under the scope of Regulation 300/2008'

            So we reference 300/2008 and this offers only very general guigance, for instance Article 13 simply states:

            Air carrier security programme
            1. Every air carrier shall draw up, apply and maintain an air
            carrier security programme.
            That programme shall describe the methods and procedures
            which are to be followed by the air carrier in order to comply
            both with this Regulation and with the national civil aviation
            security programme of the Member State from which it provides

            The only precise guidance I can find in EASA reulations is in EU Regulation 216 2008:

            Article 8
            Air operations

            ANNEX IV
            Essential requirements for air operations referred to in Article 8

            8. Additional requirements for operation for commercial purposes and
            operation of complex motor-powered aircraft

            8.c. The operator must establish procedures, as appropriate, so as to
            minimise the consequences to safe flight operations of disruptive
            passenger behaviour.

            8.d. The operator must develop and maintain security programmes adapted
            to the aircraft and the type of operation including particularly:
            (i) security of the flight crew compartment;
            (ii) aircraft search procedure checklist;
            (iii) training programmes;
            (iv) protection of electronic and computer systems to prevent intentional
            system interference and corruption; and
            (v) reporting acts of unlawful interference.

            When security measures may adversely affect the safety of operations,
            the risks must be assessed and appropriate procedures developed to
            mitigate safety risks, this may necessitate the use of specialist

            Note here that 'disruptive passenger behaviour' is outside the security programme!

            So, I'm really doubtful on the accuracy of this particular question. All I can say is that one of the students that gave me some feedback said he did not include SABOTAGE in his answer, and he thinks he got that question correct as there was no 'defficiancy' report on the subject in his results.

            So, I'm going to revisit the question bank, and adjust the questions o reflect Reulation 216 2008. All we can do is see how we get on!