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  • Annexes

    I'm just doing some reading before my exam tomorrow as I've heard there is a lot about Annexes.... In the course work for OPS lesson 1 page 3 it says that annex iii is part CAT annex iv is ORO, however in the bank all the answers state that part iii is part ORO and iv is CAT! Can someone set me straight please! Thanks

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    Hanna09 As per EU-OPS Doc 965/2012 - the document where a lot of the new questions are rumoured to have come from - the annexes are as follows:

    EU-OPS Doc 965/2012:

    ANNEX I: Definitions
    ANNEX II: Part ARO
    ANNEX IV: Part CAT
    ANNEX V: Part SPA

    So it must be a typo in the courseware; the question bank appears to be correct.

    P.S. Were you on the mod 3 brush-up course in December? If so, are you sitting Mass and Balance this week and can you let me know how you got? It's my final exam.


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      Thank you! Yes I was, of course, I have it on Thursday. I've heard from people doing it on December that there wasn't enough time and that there weren't many knowledge based ones, more calculations, so I'd maybe work on timings!


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        @Hanna09 Ah, I thought I recognized the name! You're welcome, and thanks very much for your forthcoming feedback. I also heard the same thing, so working on timings isn't a bad idea! Best of luck.


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          Hi there - sorry about that - the QB is correct - as is the feedback you got on the brush-up!!

          Good luck with the Exam!



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            Hanna09 What kind of calculations?


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              Hi there,

              I was wondering if anybody could kindly clarify the ambiguity around the following question:

              Question ID: 711287, which states:
              "Which ICAO annex is applicable to regulations regarding aeroplane commercial air transport operations?"

              Answer given: ANNEX 6

              Explanation given:


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                However, from the full list of annexes, Annex 6 is "NCC- Non Commercial Air Operations";
                I would have expected the answer instead to be Annex 4 "CAT - Commercial Air transport".

                Annex 1 Definitions
                Annex 2 ARO - Authority requirements for Air operations
                Annex 3 ORO - Organisation requirements for Air Operations (Operator)
                Annex 4 CAT - Commercial Air Transport
                Annex 5 SPA - Special Approvals
                [B]Annex 6 NCC - Non commercial Ait Op


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                  There is a bit of confusion here I think - ICAO Annexes versus EASA documentation:

                  ICAO Annexes I think you learn about in Air Law, but so far as Op Procedures goes, you need to be aware of what Annex 6 is:

                  ICAO ANNEXES:
                  ANNEX 1 Personnel Licensing
                  ANNEX 2 Rules of the Air
                  ANNEX 3 Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation
                  ANNEX 4 Aeronautical Charts
                  ANNEX 5 Units Of Measurement To Be Used In Air And Ground Operations
                  ANNEX 6
                  Part I : The Standards and Recommended Practices contained in Annex 6, Part I, shall be applicable to the operation of aeroplanes by operators authorized to conduct international commercial air transport operations.

                  Part II: Standards and Recommended Practices applicable to international general aviation operations with aeroplanes
                  Part III: Standards and Recommended Practices applicable to international commercial air transport operations or international general aviation operations with helicopters
                  ANNEX 7 Aircraft Nationality and Registration Marks
                  ANNEX 8 Airworthiness of Aircraft
                  ANNEX 9 Facilitation
                  ANNEX 10 Aeronautical Telecommunications
                  ANNEX 11 Air Traffic Services
                  ANNEX 12 Search and Rescue
                  ANNEX 13 Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation
                  ANNEX 14 Aerodromes
                  ANNEX 15 Aeronautical Information Services
                  ANNEX 16 Environmental Protection
                  ANNEX 17 Security
                  ANNEX 18 The Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air

                  Then there is the EASA documentation - and the document we are really interested is COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 965/2012
                  of 5 October 2012
                  laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures related to air operations pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council

                  This document all about aircraft operations - commercial and non-commercial, and all types of aircraft - aeroplanes, helicopters, balloons and sail planes. This document is split into 8 Annexes:
                  ANNEX I Definitions
                  ANNEX II Part ARO Authority requirements for Air Operations
                  ANNEX III Part ORO Organisation requirements for Air Operations (Operators)
                  ANNEX IV Part CAT Commercial Air Transport
                  ANNEX V Part SPA Specific Approvals (RVSM, ETOPS, LV, DG etc)
                  ANNEX VI Part NCC Non-Commercial Air Operations With Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft
                  ANNEX VII Part NCO Non-Commercial Air Operations With Other-Than Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft
                  ANNEX VIII Part SPO Specialised Operations

                  For Op Procedures it is ANNEXES 1 to V that we are interested in

                  Hope that helps

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