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    This may be used to the question wording, but I can't understand the suggested answer, here is my reasoning.

    Given: Aircraft position 34 15'N 098E, magnetic variation 28 W, FL280. PTC VOR/DME position 36 12'N 098E, Magnetic variation 13E. In order to read the most accurate ground speed given by the DME receiver from his present position, the pilot must fly which magnetic track:

    We are asked about the magnetic track, not on which radial we should fly. As no wind or compass deviation is given, magnetic track = magnetic heading.

    The aircraft is south of the station, so in order to get a reliable DME speed, it must either fly true track north or south (as long as we're not too close or too far away).

    So, given variation 28W at the aircraft, it must fly magnetic track / heading 360+28= 028 or 180+28= 208

    I don't understand the bristol answer as it treats the question just like we would be asked for which radial we should fly.

    There certainly is a flaw in my reasoning, thanks for helping me finding it

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    I think you're absolutely correct, as the question is worded, the correct answer is 208